Dear Sarge,

I have a 2019 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail Limited. I recently purchased it because I guess I will never see my 2022 Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition that I ordered in the spring. The gentleman I purchased it from stated it loves to eat starter motors. He put in 3 and I just added the 4th! Do you have an idea why this “Zooter” is eating starters for breakfast?

Thomas Bradley

Randolph, Kansas

As a matter of fact, Private BFV, I have a real good idea why you are experiencing Wildcat starter failure! If, during any of the starter motor replacements, the sprag one-way clutch was not checked or replaced, then a damaged clutch will cause the starter motor to not disengage when the Zooter’s engine increases beyond the speed of the starter motor. Not disengaging causes the starter motor to over rev and that burns out the starter motor bearings. Whether it was a Motor Pool or a recruit that did the changeouts, not determining the root cause is Dereliction of Duty in my book Boot! For the next month Boot, every time a recruit is “Quarter-Decked” you will accompany them! Dismissed!

See a cool custom Wildcat Trail here: MLS POWERSPORTS ARCTIC CAT WILDCAT TRAIL – UTV Action Magazine

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