— More power for Textron’s hottest UTV —

HMF has already been at work developing an exhaust system for the new Textron Wildcat XX. Here’s what the say about their slip-on and full exhaust system: Taking full advantage of the harmonic tone of the 3 cylinder engine, we developed a Titan Series Slip-On and Full Exhaust system that absolutely sounds incredible.  The Titan Series exhaust is available in the Titan-QS (quiet) and Titan-XL (extra loud).  The Full System weighs 14lbs, saving 4lbs from the 18lb stock muffler.

Titan Series – Slip-On & Full System
The 5″ diameter, stainless-steel Titan system picked up 4 horsepower and 3 lbs of torque as a Slip-On, and 8 horsepower and 5lbs of torque as a Full System.  At half max RPM, the Titan-QS was 1-2dB louder than stock while the Titan-XL was 3-7dB, depending on the system.

Stock Air Box Configuration Recommended: Typically, fuel tuning is not required when installing an HMF Exhaust on this machine. However, other modifications to the machine may require the need for fuel tuning to ensure the machine runs properly, and there is no damage to the exhaust system.

SLIP-ON — $459.95

FULL SYSTEM — $1099.95

More info > https://www.hmfracing.com/exhausts/textron/wildcat-xx



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