Dear Sarge,

I have a 2018 Polaris Ranger with the tip-out windshield, full cab and heat. Whenever I trailer it in the rain, the inside puddles. It also happens when riding in the rain. I don’t see any way to seal the upper part of the windshield. Is there any way to stop windshield leaks and the puddling?

Aaron Schell

Hemlock, Ohio

Private Sea Shell, if you had requisitioned a fixed windshield rather than the tip-out variety, you would not be having these “puddle problems.” But you did, and so did a lot of other owners who have the same proble, windshield leaks–and puddles. If you want to see all the places that water is getting in, place your Zooter in a dark place and have someone shine a flashlight along the top windshield seal on the inside. You should be on the outside, marking every spot of light shining through. With all the potential windshield leaks identified, you need to requisition black butyl rubber tape, such as this:
ie=utf8. Then clean the area with alcohol and allow it to dry. Apply the tape where necessary. This should reduce, or hopefully eliminate, your “puddles.” First rainstorm Boot, and I want you doing 25 pushups in the deepest puddle you can find! Dismissed!

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Dear Sarge,

Our hunting party (three) is looking for a vehicle to take us to our preferred pig hunting area. We have looked at both gas models, adding an accessory muffler to quiet it down, a pure electric that is quiet but the range is limited by the batteries, or one of the gas/electric  hybrids. So, Sarge, what is your recommendation for us to look at?

Jerry Canarias

Junction, Texas

Well, Private Jerry Can, if you want both the range of a gas-powered Zooter and the stealth of an electric, and carry up to four hunters inside the cab with a dump bed and 4-wheel drive, and be quite off-road capable, look at one of your local Texas manufacturers called “Huntve.” Look at their Switchback Hybrid-Electric Crew 4×4 here:
crew. With this setup you can use the 460cc gas generator to power the Zooter to approach your hunting area, then switch off the generator and use stealth electric mode to take you about 15 miles. Yeah, it’s a lot of pay, Boot, but it does meet all your stated requirements. Another type of vehicle you have either overlooked or dismissed is the built-up golf cart. If you look around your area, you will find them. Essentially, you take a golf cart, install larger cables and controller, larger tires and wheels, lifted long-travel suspension, and you have an off-road vehicle that is used by many hunters and farmers in Texas. The downsides are you have to have it built for you, it will never be as capable off-road as a true UTV, and it doesn’t have the ability for carrying more than two hunters and have a cargo bed. But the upside is, it is cheaper to build an EV off-road vehicle over purchasing some electric vehicles. I expect each hunt party member to drop and give me 25 and an invite to your next hunt! I haven’t fired my scoped M1A in a while! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

I have an Arctic Cat Prowler 550 HDX. This past winter I installed a track kit so I could ride all winter, and it was a blast! However, after installing the track kit, the shifting became much harder. Harder to the point that I bent over the welded metal tab on the rotating shaft that operates the shift cable. I bent it back and re-enforced it so it shouldn’t bend again. Sarge, what I would like to know is with that much force applied to the arm, won’t the shift cable stretch, too? And, should I replace that regularly?

Shawn McGilley

Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Private Ghillie, if you are applying enough pressure to the shift lever to bend over that welded-on tab, then you should be applying for the USMC Hard Corps Strongman competition! Laugh, Boot! Because I ain’t! When you install a track kit, there is greatly reduced play in the drive to ease shifting. And, if everything doesn’t align perfectly, your Zooter will shift hard. Start by thoroughly warming the engine. Next, rock the Zooter front to back, or to give it just a small bit of throttle and try to shift it. Don’t overdo the throttle, Boot, just enough to hear a small difference over idle. You do not want to engage the centrifugal clutch. The reason behind this, Boot, is generally your Zooter will be operated in high range when on wheels, but you operate in low when on tracks because of the increased rolling resistance. The longest throw with the least mechanical advantage for the cable to push the shift arm is when the transmission is in low. So, that is why, Boot, it takes the most force to shift out of low. Now, Boot, let’s discuss your disregard for USMJ Article 109 under $500 loss. Your options are 1. Reduction to E-1, 2. Forfeiture of all pay and allowances, 3. Confinement for 1 year, 4. Bad-conduct discharge. Or, swear you will never abuse that innocent Zooter again and you volunteer to enter a Special Discharge Unit for six weeks, and if you don’t damage anything else, I will recommend recycling so you get another chance to be a productive Marine! Dismissed!

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