WORCS Round 10 round up!

It was off to the races this weekend at Glen Helen Raceway for round 10 of 11 in the 2017 West Coast WORCS racing series. The weather was hot, the air was humid and the racing was intense! The UTV racers geared up for the SXS Pro Stock class race on Saturday afternoon and the SxS Pro on Sunday morning. The course was fast paced with two motocross track sections, rocky and whoop filled sand washes, hill climbs, a Lucas Oil truck track section and above all, massive braking bumps. It was a grueling hour long race with each lap of the grand prix course taking 10-15 minutes each.  Once the green flag dropped for the Pro Stock class, the race was on and it was a fierce fight to the finish.


Matt Hancock in his #93 Polaris RZR took the holeshot and set a fast pace for the rest of the class.
#549 Beau Baron piloted his CST sponsored Polaris RZR like a boss to stay on the heels of Hancock, but Matt wasn’t ready to give up a pass to Baron.
After coming off two class wins last round at Glen Helen, Nic Granlund was on a mission to at least get to the podium after a dead last start. The #68 driver managed to pull through the pack and seal the deal on third place.
Beau Baron fought hard, but was unable to make the needed pass for first during the hour long race and finished in a respectable second in the SXS Pro Stock class.
Shelby Anderson fought hard this round, but coming into the weekend with a rough shoulder injury she missed the podium by one spot. Still making it a good run for fourth place #505.
It was Matt Hancock who took his first win and of the season in the SXS Pro Stock class on Saturday afternoon pocketed the $1000 prize money. But it wasn’t over then, Sunday brought on a whole new fight for the finish. 


Sunday’s SXS Pro race began with #22 Cody Bradbury in his Polaris RZR taking the holeshot.
Last years champion, David Haagsma, charged hard throughout the race but came up just short of the podium with a fourth place finish.
Nic Granlund is a serious competitor who hates to settle for less than a podium win, and did so once again in his super charged Yamaha YXZ1000 with a second place finish.
Matt Hancock placed first in Saturday’s race and drove hard for a third place podium in the SxS Pro class on the Glen Helen Grand Prix course the next day. 
#22 Cody Bradbury tumbled end over end during Saturday’s heat but was able to make a strong come back for the SxS Pro on Sunday and take the win!  
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