Worx Nitrile gloves are disposable work gloves made from 5.5-mil nitrile rubber, a material that’s very solvent and tear resistant. It’s also valued for its true bare-hand feel and very good grip. A tub of 100 gloves is $19.95, about twice the price of disposable vinyl or latex gloves. Medium, large and extra-large sizes are available. We tested them to see if they’re worth the extra cost.

A tub of 100 Worx 5.5-mil nitrile gloves is $19.95. That’s more than vinyl or latex gloves, but they offer far better feel and solvent resistance.


Many kinds of disposable gloves have saved us from cuts, burns, metal splinters, solvents, fuel, and hard-to-remove oil and grease, so they’ve become some of our favorite tools. Gloves aren’t just great when you need to handle greasy, hot or oily parts. Disposable “rubber” gloves also add a layer of comfort and protection when you need to work on your machine in cold, hot or wet conditions.

Working on UTVs often means working with solvents like contact cleaner, brake cleaner, air filter cleaner and gasoline, which can quickly break down vinyl or latex gloves. Latex gloves give the precise feel needed to work with small parts and fasteners before you hit them with harsh solvents; afterwards, they become loose and tear easily. Vinyl gloves don’t offer very good fit or feel and can’t handle harsh solvents, but they’re better than no gloves.

Worx nitrile gloves provide the precise feel you need to handle small parts with care, like the screws on an oil-filter cover, and they withstand solvents for those times when you drop a screw in the dirt and have to blast it clean with contact cleaner. Being able to do a whole job without stopping to replace gloves that have disintegrated or torn saves time and keeps potentially harmful chemicals off your skin. We found Worx nitrile gloves are tough enough to save for a second use in some cases. We just wish they weren’t black, so we could see how much grime is on them before touching parts and surfaces we want to keep clean. Worx does offer blue 4-mil and 8-mil nitrile gloves.


Worx 5.5-mil nitrile gloves offer the precise feel of latex with far better resistance to solvents than vinyl or latex gloves we’ve used, and they have the toughness to handle mechanical work on UTVs.


CONTACT: www.worxgloves.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $19.95

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