Dear Sarge,

I recently had the chance to purchase a 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 that was used as a Baja pre-runner for a race team. It has never been rolled or crashed. I was interested in it because it had a lot of race goodies on it that I would normally have to spend a lot of money on if I purchased a new X3. It has the front shock brace kit, Assault Industries radius rod double-shear bracket kit, the rear chassis brace for the radius rods, and a fairly good set of 30-inch BFG Baja T/A KR2 tires. Everything else was stripped off: the radios, spare tire and carrier, extra fuel cans and carriers. Given how harsh Baja is, is there anything I should watch out for in the future?

Kenny Sampson

Las Vegas, Nevada

Private Sampan, if your Zooter is in as good a shape as you say it is, then you may have a good buy; however, even pre-running Baja can be an adventure! How many miles and hours are on this rig? You should get any service records the seller can provide and make sure all maintenance is in line with the schedule in the machine’s owner’s manual. Have you even looked at the manual, Boot? Did you check the skid plate for damage? What kind of an air filter does it have? While I would prefer a particle separator pre-filter, the stock air-cleaner setup is quite good if cleaned regularly. Did you remove the filter element and check for dust residue inside the intake? It certainly can’t hurt to replace the filter element with a new one, OEM or aftermarket. I would go over the entire chassis with a fine-tooth comb looking for anything loose. Then I would check and lubricate the wheel bearings. You didn’t tell Sarge if any extra lights were installed. That would be a bonus, too. So, Boot, you may have a buy, or a pig in a poke! It just depends on how the unnamed race team treated its pre-runner! I know how to treat your body, Boot—with some pre-running! Five miles should do it! Laugh, Boot! Dismissed!

See UTV Action’s article on Assault Industries’ project X3 here: ASSAULT CAN-AM X3 MAX – UTV Action Magazine


Dear Sarge,

This may be a silly question, but can you put bench seats in a 2020 Polaris XP 4 1000? Our family is growing, and now when we go for a ride, everyone wants to go. So, with Ma, Pa and the four kiddos, a bench seat, front and rear, would really help with the logistics and comfort.

Larry and Erin Slate

Lexington, Kentucky

Private Dinner Plate, there are no silly questions! There may be silly answers, especially from the uninformed, but not from me! Yes, you can install bench seats in your four-seat Zooter. The question you failed to ask is, “What type of bench seats should I purchase?” There are pure bench seats, split bench seats and what is more like two bucket seats with a small raised flat section in the middle. I would recommend relatively flat bench seats because most likely you will not be racing when all six of you are in the Zooter. And, it will be more comfortable for the young recruits if the seat is relatively flat. The bench seat you purchase should also come with all installation components and full shoulder harnesses for each seating position. I also like the idea of a replacement seat being able to mount directly to the factory Polaris seat mounting hardware. Having a seat that can be utilized in both the front and rear positions can be a plus in certain situations, because these seats are not cheap, and having flexibility is a bonus in my book. With all of those caveats, I would take a hard look at the UTV Mountain Accessories universal bench seat here from Pure Off Road: https://www.pureoffroad
polaris-rzr-models-2014+.htm. It ticks off all my requirements for a bench seat for a Zooter. There are also many other brands out there, but not all meet all my requirements. A family that does push-ups together stays together, Boot! All count off 25! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

I am thinking of purchasing one of the new Polaris RZR Pro Rs when they become available, and I have spent some time researching the ATV laws in New York State. I don’t see how I can legally register this UTV. I wish to ride on Tug Hill of NYS if that helps.

Sammy Reynolds

Syracuse, New York

Private Aluminum Foil, Because of New York’s archaic ATV/UTV laws, you can’t even legally register a standard UTV if the weight is over 1000 pounds. Most Zooter owners register their machines in a neighboring state. This is an acceptable workaround; however, most states have a 1000cc legislative limit. So, the Pro R may (hopefully) start a cascade of new Zooter laws allowing this behemoth of a Zooter to be registered legally. As for New York actually updating its Zooter laws, don’t hold your breath, Boot. The best shot for that was way back in 2018 with Assembly law A4412 that tried to raise the weight limit from 1000 pounds to 1500 pounds. Care to guess if that passed, Boot? Normally, I can provide my recruits with helpful useful information; however, this time I don’t have a definitive answer for you other than to register your Zooter in another state—if you can find a state that will register Humvee-sized Zooters! If you find a better workaround, Boot, make sure to let Sarge and this fine rag’s readers know! Dismissed! 

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