X3 Skid Plate Rivet Elimination Kit

Make the X3 even better

Can-Am’s Maverick X3 is good. However, the way the skid plate mounts to the frame is not. For some crazy reason, Can-Am (having an aircraft heritage) decided that riveting the skid pate and body on an off road vehicle was a good idea. Rivets hold good but are a pain to remove. So when we started working with an item such as a skid plate that needs to be removed occasionally for inspection and maintenance we found a better solution.

Warranty Killer Performance has the answer with their Can-Am Maverick X3 Skid Plate Rivet To Bolt Conversion Kit. After you have bloodied your knuckles removing the stock X3 skid plate once, you will want this kit for the install. The kit replaces all of the 50+ rivets and washers that you will pry, punch or drill out with reusable Rev Nuts and 6mm Allen head hardware.

Price is $119.99

Contact Warranty Killer Performance directly at (318) 670-3366  and tell them UTV Action Magazine sent you.

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