Adding clean wiring, wide suspension and more to the Talon X-4

For West Coast guys, the four-seat Honda Talon got a bad rap initially. For some reason, Honda did not make the four-seater with a wide stance like the two-seat Talon 1000R. We’ve heard it has something to do with the turning radius being too wide. We do agree that the 1000R has a super-wide turning radius, but we don’t care. In most situations we get into with a wide car, you can use extra throttle and a little rear wheelspin to get through sharper turns. Or, you can do a three-point turn if you have to. There’s not a UTV on the market that can get through every tight turn every time.

Lately, we have been seeing guys embracing the four-seat Honda Talon 1000X-4 and proving its worth. In fact, we are building our own unique, long-wheelbase, three-seat Honda Talon for an upcoming feature; however, we will first take a look at a sweet build from XTC Power Products.

You can find the XTC Power Products under the hood. This is their $349 Honda Talon six-switch power control kit. The switches are sold separately, and you can choose labeled switches for whatever you are bringing power to, such as whips, light bars, fans, etc.


XTC Power Products has dozens of switch styles to choose from and panels that give you a factory look no matter what brand machine you drive. All of their wiring solutions are huge time savers, whether you are starting a full build or just adding one accessory.


The tiny turn signals over on the driver-side fender are part of XTC’s turn-signal kit. Kits are clean, simple and available for all brands of UTVs just in case you are lucky enough to need one. Shop for more at www.xtcpowerproducts.com or call (480) 558-8588


XTC is known for over-the-top builds. Originally, it was a mid-engine Polaris RZR with a five-speed transmission and four-cylinder Subaru engine attracting crowds in the dunes and at the Sand Sport Show. Since then, Chris Leaming at XTC has put his touches on the Rangers and Generals, too. When it comes to Hondas, Chris Leaming and the guys in the shop built a two-seat R with a turbo and wing out back. Our sister publication, Dirt Wheels, featured it in the June 2020 issue.

This is XTC’s brand-new self-canceling turn-signal controller. They come in different colors or in raw aluminum. Now your friends won’t think you’re an old lady with a stuck left-hand turn signal blinking as you drive down the trail.


Chris custom-fitted TMW’s RZR storage trays to fit his Talon. He tells us that they bolted right to the stock seat frame. That soft cooler is from Assault Industries, and they come in white or black. We recommend black because it shows a lot less dirt.


Rockford Fosgate handles the sound in this build, while small KC rock lights get purposed as brake and signal lights. The wiring all goes through the cage and helps with the clean look.


To shoot XTC’s latest build, we had Dirt N Dunez Photography meet with Chris at the UTV Takeover in Coos Bay last year. Chris was cruising the non-turbo Talon around with one of his kids turning heads once again. Using only a PPEI tune and Trinity exhaust, he tells us, the naturally aspirated engine and GBC Terra Master tires on side A worked perfectly in the wet Oregon sand. He brought paddles along but never needed them. As on our build, Chris went with HCR suspension all the way around with support from a RaceCo frame bracing. He’s running the stock shock with Weller Racing springs. Since the car was widened from stock, he called on Summers Brothers Racing for wider axles equipped with the stock CV joints.

This is the Fluid Logic hydration system that’s designed for a quick replacement during a race. Furthermore, the tube and bite valve can be routed anywhere you choose that’s within easy reach of the occupants. You can also use it for any play car, too, and FL claims the insulated canister will keep your favorite drink cold all day. See www.fluidlogic.com.


We like the stock Honda Talon bucket seats, but the Simpson products offer way more comfort for longer rides. The five-point belts are a nice touch, too, and are easy to operate even when they get dirty.


Honda’s accessory full doors finish off the look of this build perfectly. The lines are clean and the fit is factory quality. Cruise into your dealer to order them. The set of aluminum doors for a X-4 sells for $749.95, and the rear pair is $945.95.


The custom Titan Fabrication cage is built for not having passengers in the back seat. Another Chandler, Arizona based company Five18 Designs took care of the custom wrap finishing off the most unique TalonX4 we have featured.


What really impressed us about the Honda build was the attention to detail installing the accessories. It was a perfectly simple build. There was nothing added that didn’t serve a purpose. Of course, all of the XTC switches were perfectly placed, and most of the wiring was run inside the Titan Fabrication roll-cage tubing. Furthermore, under the hood, XTC’s signature Power Control System was mounted in a manner even the Honda factory would be proud of. So, if you are starting any brand build, begin by calling XTC Power Products to get the important part of the build (the wiring) laid out before you begin.

XTC has been working with Trinity and PPEI Tuning to get more power out of the naturally aspirated Talon. It’s working, and the car has plenty of power to play in the dunes or rip down hardpacked dirt.


Wide HCR suspension gives this car its plush ride with help from Weller shock springs. RaceCo frame braces keep the long arms from stressing the frame pickup points in the front and rear of the car.


More eye candy is found in the Five18 Designs wrap and on the corners, thanks to Metal FX wheels. The traction is taken care of by GBC’s two-sided Terra Master tires. This car has the “A” sidewall facing out.


You can see all of the XTC Power Products and the company’s past builds at www.xtcpowerpowerproducts.com or call directly ([480] 558-8588) and tell them UTV Action Magazine sent you.

XTC Power Products Honda Talon Build Sheet:

Wiring & switches: XTC Power Products, www.xtcpowerproducts.com

Fuel & tuning: PPEI, www.ppei.com

Exhaust: Trinity Racing, www.trinityracing.com

Suspension: HCR, www.trinityracing.com

Gussets: RaceCo, www.raceco-usa.com

Shock springs: Weller Racing, www.wellerracing.com

Tires: GBC Terra Master, www.greenballtires.com

Wheels: Metal FX, www.metalfxoffroad.com

Roll cage: Titan Fabrication, www.titanfabrication.com

Seats & belts: Simpson, www.simpson.com

Lights: KC, www.kchilites.com

Sound: Rockford Fosgate, www.rockfordfosgate.com

Powdercoating: Elite, www.elitepowdercoating.com

Communication: Rugged Radios, www.ruggedradios.com

Mirrors & steering wheel: Assault Industries, www.assualtind.com

Wrap: Five18 Designs, www.five18designs.com

Contact: XTC Power Products, (489) 558-8588.

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