Is this your next UTV hauler?

The XV-F isn’t only the toughest UTV trailer you can buy, it’s perhaps the most versatile. At 20 feet long and eight feet wide, it’s large enough of carry two smaller 2-seaters or any four seat UTV. However, what caught our attention is the deck that doubles as an off the ground tent platform. Most of Schutt Industries trailers are custom built to each owner’s needs. This trailer can be outfitted with 32” inch off road tires, a 22 gallon water storage, on demand hot water heater, 20lb propane tank or an ARB 50Qt fridge and that’s just the small list. One thing that isn’t small is the price tag. The trailer alone starts at $18,000. Fully outfitted like the picture shows, the trailer has a $29,000 retail price and that does not include the RZR. If you have 30 grand burning a hole in your pocket, give Schutt Industries a call at (715) 823-8025. Or you can see more of their military grade camp trailers and equipment at www.schuttindustries.com

Schutt Industries
The $29,000 price tag does not include the RZR.
The XV-F comes with a 10 Year chassis warranty.
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