Dear Sarge,

I have a 2016 R Spec Yamaha Wolverine that had the head pipe recall due to cracking. Well, the pipe cracked again after 3 yrs. I believe the recall is over so I think I should just have the crack welded and go on from there. What is your opinion on the type of welding needed to prevent Yamaha Wolverine exhaust cracks from happening again?

Terry French

Sheridan, Wyoming

Private Frog,

Before we get to welding types, I have a few questions. The early pipe recalls didn’t contain 2 extra springs for a total of 4 springs holding the headers on. There was a harmonic vibration occurring with only two springs and part of the fix was to add two extra springs to change the harmonic frequency. So Boot, does your header have 4 springs? If not, then you were shorted two springs. The replacement header was the same part number as the original. The only fix was the 4 springs to change the crack causing harmonic vibration frequency. I also want to know if you have changed your fuel-air ratio with a tuning box. If you did, is the tuning too lean causing the headpipe to overheat? An overheated headpipe that gets cooled suddenly with water splash will turn the metal brittle, which promotes cracking. Now on to the welding recommendation. Either gas MIG or TIG is acceptable. Tell your welder to drill a small hole at the beginning and end of the crack to stop further crack migration before he strikes an arc. Boot you are on report for not verifying the original recall was done to spec! Boot your PES will reflect your in-attention to detail. AND you own me 50 Boot! Start counting them off! Dismissed.

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