Yamaha YXZ1000R Hop-Up parts

— Yamaha’s revolutionary YXZ1000R is a shrunken sand rail for the masses and an economical way to get into short-course racing. But beyond gobbling up sand whoops at speed, most desert dwellers will want softer suspension, and so will those negotiating rocks — from eastern limestone in West Virginia and Tennessee to the Rocky Mountains and Utah’s sandstone. Long-travel kits and shocks will be on many people’s lists for the ultimate UTV. And, many enthusiasts will want more power and speed out of the YXZ, as it’s roughly equal to the RZR XP 1000 in acceleration. That won’t quite cut it in today’s turbo world, and two companies already offer turbo kits for the Yamaha. Racers will definitely want to move the radiator to behind the cab and upgrade the cage to meet promoter safety standards. Rock crawlers will want to arm other areas as well, and those wanting to add lights, audio and communication accessories will need to add another battery and accessory alternator. Here is the first wave of many upgrades for the YXZ1000R.

LoneStar Racing and Weller Racing offer YXZ long-travel Suspension kits that work with re-valved stock shocks to deliver 20 inches of front/rear travel via 3.5-inch-longer arms for $4250 with 300M axles, tie-rods and hardware. Powdercoating will be extra. Weller Racing is at (408) 507-4771.
LSR also built the WR-branded race cage with integrated rear bumper and strapped spare-tire mount. The race-legal cage sports an aluminum roof and rear bumper for $1699, including powdercoating. LSR designed the cage to flow better and use either DOM or chromoly steel. WR offers the cage, roof and both bumpers for $2650. LSR is at (800) 4-LSRACE and www.lsracing.com.
Walker Evans Racing (WER) has Velocity Series 2.5 shocks with cross-overs for the dual-rate springs, which will cost around $3600. VS2 shocks have lower-positioned piggybacks for better damping control, five-staged internal needle valves for bottom-out control, dual-speed compression adjusters, Eibach dual-rate springs with cross-overs, 7/8-inch steel shafts and hard-anodized components. Call (888) WEE-RACE. Dasa Racing claims a 10-percent horsepower gain and 8-pound weight loss with its full exhaust system featuring equal-length stepped head pipes, true three-into-one merge and aluminum muffler.
Shock Therapy has several levels of dual-rate spring and cross-over ring kits for the YXZ, from a Level 2 with upper rear springs and cross-over working with the stock rear spring to Level 4 with 8 ST springs and 4 ST silent cross-overs (shown). In between, there is a six-spring, four-cross-over Level 3 kit that uses only the stock rear springs. Prices for the Yamaha haven’t been finalized, but RZR Levels 2–4 are $399.70–$1,049.40. Shock Therapy is at (623) 217-4959 and www.shocktherapyst.com.
Cross-grain desert terrain reveals the over-damping in the exclusive Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 shocks, so Shock Therapy is machining new DSC hardware that allows much more oil to flow through the compression adjuster into the massive piggyback reservoirs. ST is also developing a much stiffer front torsion bar and lighter rear to help it hook up while floating over desert chop.
Weller Racing’s full three-into-two dual-exhaust system from DMC is $1100, and it makes more horsepower and is much lighter than the stock system. Going to smaller dual mufflers moves them away from the shocks, and the OEM muffler is so close it heats up the shocks and causes fade.

Dasa Racing is also developing a YXZ turbo kit with CBR inter-cooler radiator. Dasa is at (951) 681-1131, and the Dasa Racing Fuel Controller needed for its three-into-one exhaust is $229.95.
Those who’ve never driven a manual clutch will appreciate Yamaha partnering with Rekluse to offer the Rekluse EXP clutch for $799.99. The EXP has an expanding clutch plate that lets the clutch slip at idle, then widen as revs build to lock up the plates. Rock crawlers will definitely want this Yamaha accessory.

Familiar with the Viper snowmobile, Mountain Performance already has a 155-horsepower YXZ turbo kit (5 psi) currently undergoing EPA compliance certification. It uses a Mitsubishi turbocharger and is in its seventh generation of development with a bolt-on inter-cooler via O-ring billet mounts and ducts into the OEM primary airbox. Stage 1 upgrades jump to 190 horsepower, and the basic Turbo kit is $3995. MPI is in Utah at (888) 649-4609 and www. mountainperformance.com.
UTV Tech specializes in bullet-proof (literally!) HSS steel suspension arm guards and full skid plates for UTVs. They had their new YXZ guards on the PMI Turbo Yamaha. Yellow will no doubt be available for the SE, and the steel guards bolt onto the A-arms solidly with no drilling required. Yamaha prices haven’t been finalized, but similar guards for the Maverick are $269 front and $289 rear. UTV Tech is at (208) 522-1301.
Yamaha designed the YXZ to be as light as humanly possible, and it has more of a rear deck with tie-down points and 300-pound capacity. Yamaha has an Accessory Second Battery kit for $339.99 or battery holder/mount for $99.99. The $249.99 bed-width rear cargo box is designed to hold another battery for powering lights and even a winch ($349.99). Yamaha also has an alternator kit for $649.99 (required for 15–27-inch LED light bars).
PRP’s XC suspension seats are $425 each with colors to match all three YXZ choices, and you can get options like a rear pocket ($45), 70-ounce hydration system ($80) or even heated seats ($165). PRP 5.3 five-point harnesses are $139.99 each. Dustin Nelson has them in his racing SE. PRP is at (800) 317-6253.