Yamalube Fuel Med RX is a fuel stabilizer that also fights the damaging effects of ethanol-blended fuels, including phase separation (water coming out of suspension in fuel) and corrosion. Using a fuel stabilizer used to be wise preventative maintenance when storing machines for winter or any long period, and it still is. Now, with the increased ethanol content in gasoline, fuel goes bad sooner and is more damaging to fuel systems and engines, so year-round use of a fuel stabilizer with anti-ethanol agents is good insurance against fuel-system and engine problems. This product is a genuine Yamaha accessory, which means it has been extensively tested for effectiveness and safety in a wide range of machines. It can be used in all gasoline engines. The 16-ounce bottle is $5.99.

Yamalube Fuel Med RX keeps fuel fresh so your machine will start easily after months of storage. It also fights the corrosive effects of ethanol-blended fuels.


For continuous use to preserve fuel effectiveness and prevent damage from ethanol, Yamalube recommends adding 1 ounce of Fuel Med RX to 3 gallons of gasoline. You should add the stabilizer as soon as possible after buying gasoline to keep it as fresh as possible and to protect your machine from ethanol-related damage.

When storing machines or fuel for 60 days or more, use 1 ounce of Fuel Med RX to each gallon of gasoline. Yamalube claims the product keeps fuel fresh for up to one year at this mix ratio.

To test the product, we treated the fuel in a machine with Fuel Med RX and purposely kept the same fuel in it for more than 90 days. The machine started and performed with old, treated fuel, as well as with fresh fuel.


Less than 6 dollars is a small price to pay for knowing a machine will start easily after months of storage, especially considering the hassle of draining stale fuel or fuel-system repairs. When the same fuel treatment also protects your machine’s fuel system and engine from ethanol-related corrosion and damage, Yamalube Fuel Med RX is even easier to recommend. We don’t recommend running UTVs out of fuel for storage because it can damage fuel pumps.

CONTACT: Your Yamaha dealer or www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/fuel-med-rx

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $5.99

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