Yamalube Yamaclean Pro-Wash spray is a non-corrosive, biodegradable cleaning spray that Yamaha claims is safe for all Yamaha products. Considering the huge range of materials and finishes used in Yamaha’s UTVs, ATVs, golf cars, motorcycles, boats, WaveRunners, snowmobiles and generators, and the thorough way Yamaha tests its products, we felt safe using it on any UTV. The 32-ounce bottle with sprayer is $9.99, which is similar to other motorsport vehicle cleaners. It’s also available in gallon jugs in concentrate form for $29.99. The gallon of concentrate makes 2 gallons of cleaner when mixed with water, a much more economical way to go.

Pro-Wash is available in gallon jugs in concentrate form. The gallon of concentrate makes 2 gallons of cleaner when mixed with water, a much more economical way to go than the ready-to-use 32-ounce spray bottle.


Yamaha’s instructions say to test Pro-Wash on a small, inconspicuous area when using the product on any surface for the first time. Also, let surfaces cool to ambient temperature and rinse off heavy mud before applying Pro-Wash. Then, “apply generously”, allow 2–5 minutes for the product to penetrate, scrub heavily soiled or stained areas, and rinse completely. Don’t let Pro-Wash dry on surfaces.


Getting UTVs dirty is easy. Keeping them clean can be hard because of the many kinds of dirt and grime off-road vehicles can get covered with. One of the greatest benefits of Yamalube Pro-Wash is its effectiveness on the wide range of UTV filth. With a little scrubbing, it removes mud stains, bird droppings and tree sap that can take a lot of effort to remove with regular soap. It’s also an effective degreaser that removes dirty residue from spilled motor oil and differential oil. Pro-Wash’s other plus is its kindness to paint, windshields, seats and other materials some cleaners could harm.

Because UTVs have so much surface area, Pro-Wash can be pricey to use if you like to clean your UTV often and get your whole machine really clean. If that’s the case, the gallon of concentrated Pro-Wash is the way to go.


Yamalube Yamaclean Pro-Wash spray saves time compared to tackling the different kinds of dirt on a UTV with multiple cleaners, and its harmless to the materials and finishes used on UTVs. 

CONTACT: Your Yamaha dealer or www.shopyamaha.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $9.99, 32 oz.; $29.99, gallon concentrate

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