— Yamaha’s YXZ1000R is the only high-performance UTV with a manual clutch. This provides its drivers with options other UTV owners don’t have. When the engine rpms are too low a quick stab at the clutch pedal will quickly get the revs up. Along with that advantage you also have to deal with components such as clutch plates and springs that can wear and cause performance to suffer.

Barnett is company that specializes in clutch performance. For many years they have been making clutch parts for street bikes, dirt bikes and ATVs. When the Yamaha YXZ1000R came out they turned their attention to that as well. One thing they thought could be improved is the YXZ’s diaphragm clutch spring. Barnett now offers a kit that converts the stock diaphragm spring to six heavy duty coil springs. In their words it provides a more progressive, linear engagement. Included is a CNC precision machined billet aluminum pressure plate, six heavy duty coil springs, spring cups and stainless screws. This kit simply replaces the stock clutch spring/pressure plate assembly- no modifications required. It sells for $147.

Other components of a manual clutch are the friction and metal plates that grip or release drive from the engine to the wheels. Performance plates are standard items for an engine that has been hopped up for more power. They are also installed into stock engines after the original clutch plates have worn out. Barnett offers an upgrade clutch plate kit for the YXZ that includes a complete set of 11 Kevlar friction plates and 10 tempered steel plates. This kit is a direct upgrade replacement for the stock clutch plates and they say it provides a smoother and more positive clutch engagement. Each kit is made in the USA and quality checked for exact stack height to guarantee optimal fit and performance. It sells for $232.

This is the stock diaphragm clutch of a YXZ1000R.

For more info > http://www.barnettclutches.com



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