Zimmerman takes Moose Run Victory

The Parts Unlimited OMA Nationals Series ended their 2008 season on home turf at the Bike Barn in Fenton, Illinois. Track conditions were near perfect for this installment of the infamous Moose Run. The degree of difficulty was dialed down this year in relation to years past when the event was held in the spring and it was intended to be the toughest race in America. The fall version of the Moose Run presents a slightly less over the top race course. However, many still found their own little piece of Bill Gusse mayhem along the trail. Rob Zimmerman, who led most of the race aboard his Moose Racing Team Honda Research machine, had this comment after the race. “I never ran over so many logs in my life. I think Bill was just putting all the logs in the middle of the track.” The former OMA Nationals champion took a commanding lead early in the race and finished first with a gap of five minutes and nineteen seconds over the second place Duncan Racing Dirtworks Motorsports Honda of Bryan Hulsey. Local racer Curt DeMay picked up third place aboard his Gieson Motorsports Moose Racing Yamaha while Missouri racer Jon Pitts just missed the podium. The Duncan Racing Rekluse Honda with Pitts aboard crossed the finish line just ten seconds behind DeMay. C class Honda rider Gabe Young picked up fifth overall and the Plus Thirty class Honda of Brad Holder rounded out the top five.
The holeshot went to DeMay but Zimmerman soon blasted by on his quest for victory. According to Zimmerman the race went “how it should have gone all year. I didn’t have any problems. The track was awesome.” The Maxxis Scott Goggles Honda of Zimmerman was running a very fast pace at the front of the pack. It was clear that Zimmerman wanted to open up an early lead over the field.  “Once I got in the lead,” said Zimmerman, “I was, like, I’m putting the wood down and get as much gap as I can in case I have problems later on. That’s how my year has been; nothing but problems.” Luckily the race went without incident for Zimmerman and he was able to bring the Pro Armor Powermadd Honda through the finish line for victory after completing four laps in one hour, fifty two minutes, and forty seconds.
Bryan Hulsey started the race with his Moose Racing Duro Tires Honda getting away from him in the first turn after nearly rolling over. He recovered quickly and put the EBC Brakes Maxima machine back on track and headed for the front of the pack. According to the Missouri Hare Scrambles Champion the track was “very, very fast.” Unfortunately Hulsey “got lost a lot on the first lap.” He said “the fields kind of threw us for a loop. We were having trouble finding some of the course markers.” Most everyone had the same problem except race leader Rob Zimmerman, who walked the course on the night before the race and knew where the downed markers had been standing. “Once the track got beat in it was a good track, a lot easier to follow,” said Hulsey. But it was too late to reel in Zimmerman and Hulsey would have to settle for second place. His three race win streak was broken today, but a second place finish was good enough for Hulsey to capture the OMA Nationals Championship by just three points over Zimmerman. “Everything ended up working out ok,” said Hulsey. “I’m happy. It was a good race.”
Curt DeMay rounded out the all Moose Racing podium, taking third place aboard his Quad City Quad Doctor Mom and Dad supported Yamaha. “I got the holeshot, then Rob (Zimmerman) passed me, and I just followed,” said DeMay. “Then, going through the fields, all the arrows were knocked down so everyone was going every way. I’m a local guy so I kind of knew where we were going. The other guys were just standing there waiting, so I went. They followed me for about a lap.” DeMay led the pack through part of the first lap but he could not hold off Hulsey once the course became clear. The balance of his race was a battle with the PJ-1 oils Honda of John Pitts. Lap four ended with DeMay crossing the finish line just ten seconds ahead of the Missouri racer. Pitts said it was “a great race. Lots of log jumps. You had to be careful jumping the logs next to the river. It was another fun one, a great season, and I can’t wait to do it again next year.” 

The Parts Unlimited OMA Nationals 2008 season has come to an end with a battle for the championship being decided by the outcome of the last race. Bryan Hulsey took the championship with the slimmest of margins over Rob Zimmerman. Seventeen year old Morton, Illinois based Honda racer Shane Gaunt missed the final event with a shoulder injury but will take third place in the series championship due to consistent finishes and one available throw away. It has been an exciting year in this unique and interesting racing series. Bill Gusse and the OMA Nationals team provided ten rounds of great racing action at a variety of facilities around the Midwest. We hope you have had the opportunity to join us through our travels this season and we look forward to seeing you again next season. Check out omanationals.com for more information about this series that still does things old school. This is off-road racing.

Moose Run Top Ten Overall

Rob Zimmerman            Honda
Bryan Hulsey                  Honda
Curt DeMay                  Yamaha
John Pitts                  Honda
Gabe Young            C ATV      Honda
Brad Holder            Plus 30      Honda
Dennis Edwards            Plus 30      Honda
Ryan Barness            A ATV      Honda
Quintin Smith            A ATV      Honda
Don Deutsch            Plus 30      KTM



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