High-performance UTV built by HMF

— Here’s what the guys at HMF have to say about their project X3 Turbo:

The Maverick X3 is Can Am’s latest offering to the extreme sport side by side scene. Its 900 CC turbocharged 3 cylinder engine produces 154 crank horsepower. With help from a turbo back exhaust system and custom ECU tuning from HMF, the X3 becomes a whole new animal.

We started with a mostly stock frame and added our IQ/Gusset Kit, HCR stock 72” stock ARM replacement kit with RCV axles, Method wheels, QuadBoss tires, HMF Custom Full Exhaust and our tuned ECU.  The cage is 1.75 & 1.50 DOM .95 wall tubing for added rigidity and to change its overall look. We lowered the profile of the vehicle and increased its strength.

We remove the speed limiters in high and low gears and crank the rev limiters to 8600 RPM. Being a throttle by wire engine, the throttle blade doesn’t always do what your right foot demands which can be irritating at times.

We tune the throttle tables to provide more linear control and tune out the shaft saver function. Cooling fans will now engage at 165 degrees.  It can now be driven with both feet without power derating. Racers will enjoy being able to start the engine without applying the brake. Overall we see an awesome 13 HP gain at the wheels making the X3 even more of a thrill to drive.


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